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Caitlin Van Wyk content and copy writer

Meet the woman behind the words

I’m Caitlin:

a mom, writer, wife, and dreamer.

And these roles are all unequivocally important to me.

My family is a huge part of why I write. They helped me feel brave enough to turn my passion for words into a career. But first, I had to go through the hard journey of motherhood and losing my true self in the sleepless nights and long days.

As the years have passed, I have discovered that those days of struggles and big emotions have shaped the woman I am today. Now, writing about parenting and education is my way of helping other parents lost in the fugue of day-to-day life with small children.

I’m a mom on a mission

Nothing has changed me more than becoming a mother, and helping other women discover who they are apart from being a parent is extremely important to me.

I believe that honest and real relationships have the power to bring people together. That’s why I want to create a community of mothers who support each other and provide candid insight into the highs and lows of motherhood.

Caitlin Van Wyk content and copy writer

What you can expect when you work with me

  • A writer who is committed to understanding your position and crafting content that resonates with your readers
  • A mother who understands the importance of time management
  • A wife who has learnt to communicate effectively
  • A woman who is capable of creating versatile and evergreen content outside of the parenting niche

Critical deciding factors


The smell of coffee in the morning is my reason to get out of bed!

I love the quiet time I get at night when everyone else is asleep.


I wouldn’t swap living in the mountains for anything.

Nothing quite replaces the smell of a book. If you know, you know.


All the buttery, savoury goodness, thank you very much!

3 things that make me immeasurably happy:






Secret talent:

I am pretty handy with a crochet hook.

Quote of the moment

“Don’t go after what you think you can do.
Go for something beyond what you have ever done before.”
- Bob Proctor


Now, I’d love to learn more about YOU and your goals!

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